Rent A Room. Get Your Studies Done. Explore Vancouver.

Find affordable rooms in Vancouver

Live with Friends

Live in a multicultural environment with other international students. Rent a room, and share a home with like-minded people.

Live with Families

Find rooms in family homes with meals provided. Live with a local family and get to know the Canadian culture first hand.

Find your accommodation now!

Choose your next school


Agents? No need for that! Vanmates helps you find English courses at some of the best schools in Vancouver with no additional fees.


We have partnered with a wide selection of  affordable English schools to help you find your perfect fit!

Choose Your School

Begin your career in Vancouver

Boost Your Resume

Vanmates will sum up your skills, and connect you to the right company here in beautiful Vancouver.

Start Your Career

Internships are the best way to get into a full time career, but we know how hard it is to get into competitive industries.

Intern in Vancouver

What we do

Vanmates can help you find accommodation for International students in Vancouver. Vanmates also help you find affordable english and college programs in Vancouver, thanks to our great partnerships. Learn more.

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