Homestay in Vancouver for International Students

Homestay in Vancouver is an excellent accommodation choice for international students. Our homestay families in Vancouver are dedicated to providing a memorable experience during your stay.

Feel free to complete your booking for any homestay in Vancouver you prefer. Our team will assist you throughout the entire registration process.

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Specifics of Homestay in Vancouver

Vancouver, known for its scenic beauty and world-class educational institutions, is a sought-after destination for international students. Homestays in Vancouver offer a variety of options, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious stays. Many homestays are ideally situated close to universities and feature amenities such as Wi-Fi, breakfast, and more!


Advantages of Homestay in Vancouver For Students

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1. Cultural Collaboration

Living with a local family in Vancouver allows you to deeply immerse yourself in Canadian culture. Experience local customs, traditions, and celebrate Canadian holidays, gaining firsthand cultural insights.

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2. Language Exchange

Vancouver’s multicultural environment is perfect for practicing English. Regular conversations with your homestay family can significantly enhance your language skills.

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3. Local Cuisine

Enjoy a variety of Canadian dishes with your host family, including local specialties unique to Vancouver.

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4. Local Guidance

Your homestay family will provide you with insider information on Vancouver’s best spots, from hidden gems to popular attractions, enriching your experience.

5. Affordable Accommodation

Choosing a homestay can be more economical than renting an apartment, often including meals and utilities, helping you manage your budget better.

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6. Practice Life Skills

Learn everyday life skills, from shopping at local markets to navigating Vancouver’s public transportation.

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7. Personal Development

This experience will encourage adaptability and open-mindedness, offering unique personal development opportunities.

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8. Support System

Your host family and our team are always there to support you, ensuring your well-being in Vancouver.

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How to Choose Right Homestay in Vancouver?

Consider factors like location, cost, house rules, and cultural compatibility. Communicate your preferences to find the best match for a positive experience in Vancouver. Our team is here to assist you in making an informed choice.


What’s Included in Homestay Plans in Vancouver

furnished rooms in homestay

Fully Furnished Rooms

Each room is fully furnished to meet your needs in Vancouver.

meal plans in homestay accommodation

Meal Plans

Choose from various meal plans according to your preferences.

utilities in homestay accommodation

Utilities for Homestay

Utilities are typically included in the accommodation price, so no worries about additional fees.

laundry service in homestay accommodation

Laundry Services

Host families provide laundry services, scheduled for your convenience.

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Ready to Onboard?


Enjoy the privilege of living with Canadian communities in Vancouver, exploring every peak and bend in the region. Stay as one of their own in the Homestays, and discover the hidden wonders of Canada.