Homestay in Montreal for International Students

Homestay in Montreal is one of the greatest accommodation options for international students. Our homestay families in Montreal are eager to provide the best experience during your stay.

Please feel free to complete your booking for any homestay in Montreal you like. Our team will be assisting you for the entire registration process.

homestay in Montreal for students


Specifics of Homestay in Montreal

Montreal, with its vibrant multicultural atmosphere and renowned educational institutions, is a popular destination for international students. Homestays in Montreal offer a diverse range of options, from affordable accommodations to luxury stays. Many homestays are conveniently located near universities and offer amenities such as breakfast Wi-Fi and more!


Advantages of Homestay in Montreal For Students

cultural integration for homestay

1. Cultural Integration

Living with a local family in Montreal will allow you to immerse yourself deeply in Canadian culture. From understanding local customs and traditions to celebrating Canadian holidays like Canada Day, I’ve experienced the culture first-hand.

learning language with homestay

2. Practice Language

As someone learning French and English, staying in a bilingual city like Montreal is perfect. Your homestay family usually speaks both languages and conversing with them daily has significantly improved my language skills.

homestay cooking

3.Home-cooked Meals

One of the best parts is the food in Montreal! International students enjoy a variety of Canadian dishes, including poutine, tourtière, and butter tarts. My host family can also introduce you to Montreal-style bagels, which are just amazing.

local insight for students

4. Local Insights

Homestay families will give you insider tips on the best places to visit in Montreal, from hidden gems like quaint cafes in Plateau Mont-Royal to popular spots like the Old Port. This local knowledge enriches your experience way beyond what you could have discovered on your own.

5. Cost Effectiveness

A homestay in Montreal could be more affordable than renting an apartment. It often includes meals and utilities, which helps students manage their budget better.

learning skills

6. Learning Everyday Life Skills

Living with a homestay family can teach you practical life skills. From grocery shopping in local markets to learning how to navigate the city’s public transportation, students gain valuable everyday life experience.

personal growth with homestay families

7. Personal Growth

This experience will push you out of your comfort zone, teaching you to be more adaptable and open-minded. It’s a unique opportunity for personal growth and development.

support system for homestay students

8. Support System

If you ever need anything or have any concerns, your host family and Vanmates Team are always there to help. It’s reassuring to know you have people here who care about your well-being.

homestay in Montreal for students


How to Choose Homestay in Montreal?

Consider factors such as location, cost, house rules, and cultural compatibility when selecting a homestay. It’s important to communicate your expectations and preferences with potential hosts to ensure a good match.

Remember, finding the right homestay is crucial for a positive experience in Montreal. Our homestay team will help you to go thorough research, and to make the best choice for your needs and preferences.


What’s Included in Homestay Plans in Montreal

furnished rooms in homestay

Fully Furnished Rooms

Every room that you book for your homestay accommodation comes with the furniture that you will need in Montreal.

meal plans in homestay accommodation

Meal Plans

Meal plans are usually optional for students to pick any plan for their requests. There are two main plans such as two-meal or three-meal plans.

utilities in homestay accommodation

Utilities for Homestay

Utilities are most of the time included into the accommodation prices that students pay. So that, there is no need to be worried about utility fees such as internet, hydro fees etc.

laundry service in homestay accommodation

Laundry Services

Host families are so kind enough to provide laundry service for students. This service can be scheduled to benefit in certain periods of students’ accommodation.

a room for homestay in Montreal

Ready to Onboard?


Enjoy the privilege of living with Canadian communities, who know every peak in the range, every bend in the river. Stay as one of their own in the Homestays, and discover the hidden wonders of Canada.