Welcome to Vanmates!

Member resources

Read this before arriving!

Seriously. You are going to be living with people from different backgrounds and things might not be as in the movies. Read our shared living rules and be prepared.

Buy your essentials.

Buy your bedsheets, pillowcases, and blankets and we’ll have them ready for you at your arrival. $150

A smooth ride

Book an airport pick up service so you won’t have to stress about taking a cab or the bus. We’ll pick you up from the airport and drive you to your new place. Cost is $100 CAD.

Join in!

Join our facebook community group and be in the loop for activities such as parties, gatherings, or excursions. Have friends in Vancouver even before you arrive 🙂

Request a service/report a problem.

Please fill out our service application and request repairs/maintenance for your room or your house.

Pay your fees

Rent, extras, you can pay everything here 🙂

Important information.

Download our welcome package and read all the important information regarding life in Vancouver. Banking, cellphone companies, and supermarkets are covered in our guide.

Rent payments hassle-free.

Fill out our rent form and automate your rent payments so you’ll never forget the rent and get charged late fees.