Don’t worry, we got your back!

1. Appointment
The family appoints Vanmates Consulting Corporation as its “Agent” and authorizes us to act as an agent on behalf of the family to:

(a) Recruit and sell placement services to prospective clients, collectively, “The Student” and individually, “The Students” in their home located at the previously mentioned address.
(b) Entre into contracts with students pursuant to which the student will agree to purchase, and the agent will provide, placement services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

2. Responsibilities of the family

The Family agrees to:
(a) Inform the Agent if the student is missing from home for 24 hours.
(b) The Agent office hours are 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday and our office phone number is 604.568.5108.
(c) Speak English when the student is present: the student is to be exposed to English a 100% os the time. That includes listening to and watching TV in English only.
(d) Maintain the homestay fee at the rate established by the Agent with no additional charges to the student (including but not limited to damage or telephone deposits or internet usage)
(e) Provide each student with a private bedroom (unless by special request to share and with the approval of the homestay Agent) Furniture shall include bed and bedding, dresser, desk, chair, desk lamp, wastebasket, closet. The host will provide bed linens, extra blankets and towels as required. The room may not be shared unless approved by the Agent. If the student is offered a room other than what has been approved, you agree to advise the Agent in advance.
(f) Keep the room for the exclusive use of the student during his/her stay. All of the host’s personal belongings are to be removed from the student’s bedroom.
(g) Inform the Agent of all students living in the house, including those who take up residence after our student arrives.
(h) Keep your family profile updated by informing the agent of any new family members, boarders, renters, etc living in the house, as well as those who move out; new pets, change of address or telephone numbers, etc.
(i) Provide each student with a key to the house and with the code for a residential alarm, if one is used.
(j) Provide a secure and healthy environment for students.
(k) Respect the student’s privacy (i.e. do not enter the student’s room without advising them first)
(l) Provide meals/services seven days a week according to the type of placement contracted.

– Breakfast: Students often help themselves to a Canadian Breakfast. Please provide them with cereal, toast, jam/butter, coffee, tea, milk and/or juice. However, if you’re preparing breakfast for your family, your student will usually have what you’re serving.

– Lunch: Students will need to take a packed lunch to school. You can teach your student how to prepare a lunch and where and what ingredients are available. If it is your practice to prepare your children’s packed lunches, you may wish to prepare your student’s lunch at the same time. It is expected that students will get a sandwich or leftovers from dinner (there are microwaves at school) and a juice box. Including fruit or a snack is also appreciated.

– Dinner: Students will have whatever is served for dinner for your family. If the entire family is going out for dinner, include your student as your guest (advise them about the costs and give them the option of going or having dinner at home) Advise your students of the time which dinner is served and ask that he or she call if he or she will not be at home on time or will not be coming home for dinner. You may keep a plate of dinner for your student to warm up when he or she arrives home later.

(m) Interact with students regularly and include them in appropriate family activities. If there will be costs involved in outings, students are expected to pay for it; advise and give them the option of joining the family.
(n) provide a list of your house rules, if used, in advance to the agent. House rules shall not conflict with this contract. In the event of conflict or dispute concerning rules or guidelines. The agent’s contract shall take precedence. (o) Your student is a part of your family and is expected to follow the same rules and guidelines as other family members. Students are responsible for supplying their own toiletries and personal care items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
(p) Instruct student on the course of action in the event of an emergency such as fire, earthquake, etc.
(q) Give the Agent 30 days written notice to terminate their homestay arrangement with the Agent Accommodations.
(r) Notify the agent 7 days in advance in the case of family absence. (vacations, etc)
(s) Notify the agent if you plan to be away from home for any period of time during the placement before accepting the student.
(t) Contact the Agent if problems arise between the student and other family members; cooperate with the agent in trying to reach a reasonable equitable solution for all concerned.
(u) Never initiate and/or participate in any sexually oriented discussion with the student.
(v) Ensure that students are not required to baby sit. If possible, direct them to school and show him or her how to buy his or her buss pass.

In addition, the family agrees to the following terms and conditions:

(a) Students are responsible for keeping their own room neat and tidy. They are responsible for their own laundry. The host is to provide laundry detergent and training on how to use the washer and dryer. You can expect the students may wish to do their own laundry.
(b) There is no additional charge for internet usage for Vanmates clients.
(c) You do not need to pick up the student from the airport. Students will either take a cab or a transfer service will be arranged by us.
(d) The family is not restricted to host only Vanmates students; however, Vanmates reserves the right to place students who host Vanmates students consistently during the busiest season (May-September) Student registrations fluctuate throughout the year and placement of a student is never guaranteed.
(e) International students are especially vulnerable because they’re unfamiliar with Canadian customs and language. If Vanmates receives a report from a student with concerns that there are problems in the home related to drug abuse, alcohol, abusive language or behavior, the student will be removed from the home immediately and legal action may be taken. Any allegations of criminal nature will be referred immediately to the police.

(f) The family authorizes the Agent to send photos taken during the inspection yo our prospective international students.

Section 3 – Responsibilities of the Agent

(a) The Agent will recruit students, market, promote and sell accommodation placements at its own expense during the term of this Agency agreement.
(b) The Agent will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all student applications are accurate and complete before submission of the confirmation letter to the family.
(c) The Agent will acknowledge any complaints received in relations to any of the services provided. The Agent will investigate and take appropriate action in any such issues.

Section 4 – Fees

(a) In consideration of the family providing service under this agreement, the family will receive the fees previously agreed upon.
(b) The Family shall not request payment directly from the student. The homestay family agrees that it will not enter into any direct payment agreement with any student placed by the Agent.

Section 5 – Payment Schedule and Logistics

(a) A month is defined as 30 or 31 nights. All homestay less than 30 nights will be calculated on a nightly basis. Any homestay period that exceeds 31 nights will also be calculated in the same way.
(b) If there is a change in families, the fee will be calculated according to the number of nights (if less than 30) and the remainder of the homestay fee will be paid to the new homestay family.
(c) Grace period: after arriving, the student has 10 days to decide if he or she is satisfied with the homestay. Changing homestays will be discussed with the student on an individual basis and the Agent retains the right to make ll final determinations in this regard. Once the student arrives in Vancouver, The agent will send you payment via E-Transfer after 5 business days.
(d) If any of the rules regarding the payment terms are breached, the agent will no longer be liable for the placement and you may be disqualified from our program.

Section 6 – Cancelations, extensions, and refunds.

(a) If the family breaches the contract at any time and relocation is necessary, the cost of such service will be deducted from the homestay payment. The amount to be deducted will be a minimum of CAD$100, plus the daily tariff on the day the student moves to another home, plus any transportation costs.
(b) In the event of a no-show, or cancellation occurs, the agent will not be liable for payment to the family. Reasonable efforts will be made to offer the family a substitute placement should a suitable match becomes available.
(c) The agent can give two week’s notice to the family to terminate any homestay arrangement without cause, or the agent can immediately terminate any homestay arrangement where there is cause. The Agent retains discretion to make all final determinations in this regard.
(d) The agent is responsible for informing the family should a student cancel his or her homestay program.
(e) If a student asks to extend their stay in your home, the family will direct the student to our office to pay for the extension 7 days before the actual extension takes place.
(f) If the room occupied by the student who wishes to extend is booked for another student already placed by us, the current student does not have priority to extend and relocation might be necessary. The family shall not enter into any agreements with the student over any aspect of an extension.
(g) If a problem cannot be resolved between a student and the family, or a situation is unsatisfactory, the Agent reserves the right to move a student without the usual advance notice; further, the family may be required to return a pro-rated portion of the homestay fee and may not receive a final fee payment.

Section 7 – General 

(a) Further assurances. Each party shall from time to time promptly execute and deliver all further documents and take all further action reasonably necessary or appropriate to give effect to the provisions and intent of this agency agreement.
(b) Waivers. No waiver of any provision of this agency agreement is binding unless it is in writing and signed by all the parties to this agency entitled to grant the waiver. No failure to exercise and no delay in exercising any right or remedy under this agency agreement will be deemed to be a waiver of that right or remedy.

(c) Dispute mechanism and governing law. This agency agreement is governed by and is to be construed and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of British Columbia and the laws of Canada.
(d) Entire agreement. This agency agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersedes all prior agreements, negotiations, discussions, undertakings, representations, warranties and understandings, whether written or verbal.
(e)Severability. If any provision of this agency agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, the illegality, invalidity or unenforceability of that provision will not affect:
(e1) The legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement or
(e2) The legality, validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction
(f) No joint venture or partnership. Nothing in this agency agreement or any acts of the agent or the family are or were intended ton constitute, nor shall they be deemed to constitute the agent and the family as partners or joint ventures of the other.
(g) The agent will not consider any host parent who has a criminal record and may request some families to undergo a Criminal Record Check at their own expense.
(h) The agent is authorized to send by mail, fax or email the pictures that will be taken during the inspection of my home to my prospective host student.
(i) Validity: agreement is valid until both parties untul the other written notice to the contrary at leaast 2 months.
(j) Both parties have the right to terminate this agreement in the event of a breach of any of the conditions of this agreement or upon just case being shown. Notice of such termination shall be given in writing.

Section 8 – Penalties

The following penalties will be enforced during these situations:

(a) The homestay is not at home or hasn’t left someone in charge of receiving the student at the day and time previously agreed upon – $100
(b) The room is not ready for the student  at the time of his or her arrival as previously agreed upon – $100
(c) The house is not up to normal cleaning standards at the moment of the student’s arrival – $50