Shared Living Rules

Core rules

* You agree to clean your dishes immediately after using them.
* You agree to have your room clean
* You agree to clean the common areas immediately after enjoying them.
* You agree to abide by the house manager rules.

You are not renting an entire house/apartment for yourself. You are living in a shared environment, hence the importance of abiding by these rules.

If you don't follow them, we have a penalty system in place.

1. Verbal warning.
2. Written warning.
3. Fine: $200 ticket for any abuse.
4. Eviction: Termination of lease.

Leased Property

Your rent does not include utilities. Utilities will be divided between house occupants and paid accordingly. The house will be equipped with basic furniture and kitchenware. If you wish to bring specific furniture or kitchenware you can do so. You’ll be responsible for these items, not us.

Rent Payment

* You agree that rent will be paid on the 1st of every month.
* You agree to pay a $25 dollar fee for every day your rent is late.
* You understand and agree that the damage deposit cannot be used to pay rent.


1- No pets, unless otherwise specified by us.
2- You are not allowed to smoke in your room nor in the house. A fine of $100 per incident will be enforced for breaking this rule.
3- Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Do not play loud music, sing, or engage in activities that will disturb your roommates. You do not live by yourself.
4- You are not allowed to make alterations to the property without our prior consent. (tacks, nails, screws)
5- You need to buy tenant insurance. We are not responsible for your belongings in the case of a sinister.
6- You need to buy student insurance. We are not responsible for you.
7- You are not allowed to engage in illegal activities within our property ( prostitution, drug dealing, possession of stolen goods, theft ).
8- You acknowledge that cleaning is the responsibility of the tenants living in the house.
9- You acknowledge that Vanmates is not a hotel nor a hostel type of accommodation and that our service is getting you a place to live.
10- If you have more questions, please refrain to your signed contract or contact us directly.




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