Experience a Canadian family. Meals included. Hassle free.

Starting at $950 with 2 meals included.

Qualified families

All families are screened beforehand to make sure it meets the standards.

Vibrant bedrooms

All of our homestay bedrooms are fully furnished.

Personalized service

We start our search based on your needs.

Tiara Flores

"They always answered our inquiries quickly and with the best vibe."

Osvaldo Orozco Corza

“Great service and experience, they completely deserve my 5 stars.”

Karin Uberuaga

“I moved to Canada three years ago and Vanmates helped me find a room.”

Host families that care

We select families that not only care about their students, but also welcome them with open arms to the Canadian culture. We choose based on safety, transit friendly and how vibrant their homes are.


We get it, leaving your loved ones to move abroad can be difficult. It does not mean you can’t meet friends right when you move in though. We are proud of our growing community and we would love to have you in it!

Why Vanmates?

We are a group of International souls with the mission of helping International students with their accommodation in Canada. We started in 2014 and since then we have helped thousands of students to find a place to call home and make new friends.

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